Syd Riggs


7 December 1944 – 18 June 2005

To allow ourselves to feel, to sense emotion, to smile at love, and believe in a miracle is what gives life color and texture.  -Syd Riggs

Syd was known to many as teacher, director, mentor, and friend. Having lived in exotic locales all over the US and abroad, her family moved to Orem when she was a high school junior and she became involved in drama. She was proud to claim her spot amongst the Golden Tiger alumni. She then attended BYU where she studied acting and obtained her MFA.

Sydney’s true love was directing. She directed for Hale Center Theater, Sundance Summer Theater, Provo Theater Company, Thanksgiving Point, The Playmill Theater, Promised Valley Playhouse, Backstage Theater, SCERA Center for the Arts, Brigham Young University, Utah Valley University, and Orem High School–to name a few. She began teaching at OHS in 1992 following many years of involvement as an assistant there. She directed hundreds of plays and musicals in her career and whenever she was asked what her favorite show was, she would slighly say, “The one I’m working on now.”

The greatest legacy that Syd left for those who have known her, have know of her, or have simply been touched vicariously through those who did, was her passion for “telling the story” in whatever medium you choose, be it theater, music, poetry, education, or the way you live your life.

Former students and friends of Syd’s are now performing and/or working in film/television, on Broadway, in national and international tours, in major dance companies, as recording artists, in cruise ship/theme park entertainment, and have followed her footsteps in theater education.